What is it like to be a voracious reader?

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Answer by Aman Anand

  • Your reading list is never ending - the more books you read, the more books you realise you should read. Recently I read a biography which recommended seven books that I realised I simply have to read, and when I eventually read those seven books they will also recommend numerous book that I will have to read; continuing the process ad infinitum.
  • 你的读书单永无止境 - 当你阅读的书越多时你将意识到你需要去读更多的书最近我阅读了了一本传记然后我发现我不得不去阅读其中提到的7本书当我终于阅读完那七本书后从那七本书里也推荐了众多的书本我不得不去阅读如此循环往复永无止境
  • Friends expect you to have read everything -how could you not have read Book X or Book Y, I thought you read a lot, is a question you get asked all the time, neglecting the fact that there are thousands and thousands of books that have to be ignored in favour of the books you do eventually read. Just because you are a voracious reader does not mean you have read everymajorbook written in the last two hundred years.
  • 朋友们希望你无所不读 - 你被问的最多的一个问题是你怎么能不去读XY我还以为你读了很多书呢忽视这些事实将会有成千上万本你最终应该去读的书被忽视仅仅因为你是一个贪婪的读者但并不意味着你必须去读最近200年来所有的著作
  • Re-reading is more important than the initial reading - I am consistently humbled by how much I miss spotting in my first reading of almost any text. It is only after numerous re-readings of numerous passages and chapters that important themes and ideas start to click. I now even mark certain sections with the commentreturn to laterin the knowledge that I will need to come back to that section.
  • 重复阅读比初读更重要 - 我甚是想念第一次阅读的文字带来的感动只有经过数次重复阅读大量的段落和章节才能明白重要的主题思想我现在开始把那些我需要返回重读的那些知识标记上马上回来注释
  • There are two types of voracious readers - there are those who will chew up anything in a particular genre or field and there are those who read expansively as well as in areas that they are uncomfortable with. I used to belong to the former category (I would only read a certain type of literary fiction), but ever since I switched to the latter, I have become a better reader and a deeper thinker.
  • 世上有2类贪婪的读者 - 一类诋毁所有不合他们口味的流派或领域的书籍另一类即使是对于不合他们口味的类别也会去广泛阅读我曾经属于前一种我只会去阅读一个特定类型的文学小说但自从我转变成后一种我成为了一名更好的读者和一位思考更深的思想家
  • You continually discover gems of ideas that expand your consciousness - I am currently reading a fascinating book called Why Does The World Exist?, and on two occasions I have stumbled upon ideas that have given me eureka moments that will stay with me for a long time to come as well as altering my present state of thinking. It is for these moments that I continually read and read and read…
  • 你不断地去发现有价值的想法来扩展你的意识 - 我现在在读一本名为为什么存在这个世界的有趣的书在两次我偶然发现的想法给了我灵感迸发的时刻并陪伴我很长时间来改变我现在的思想境界正是因为这些灵感迸发的时刻我不断地阅读阅读阅读…