About two years and a half ago, I had moved from Jekyll to Ghost, and met the decent theme Ghostwriter, I modified its primary color and then added some functions and animations to suit the demand of my blog.

There is a screenshot of modified Ghostwriter:

Ghost with Ghostwriter

Even when I took a very long break I still kinda blogged, I still love Ghost, but however, in my current opinion, the Ghost is not fun, which means, it is indeed a convenient tool to start writing, but not much attractive to play with. And although it is server side runtime, it provides zero dynamic features and only generates HTML. Therefore why dont just choose a static site generator like Hexo?


Because I have kind of nostalgia, so I ported the Ghostwriter theme to Hexo, thankfully it is not difficult to port theme templates from Handlebars to ejs, I finally have done this work, and modified it again with much features like syntax highlight and so on.

Really hopes I can still keep blogging with much leisure time.